It’s so very nice to meet you.

I've led design initiatives across multiple industries — from global telecommunications to international logistics, publishing, and fintech.

Beyond work, I'm obsessed with commercial aviation and have an affinity for windy weather, expensive hotel shampoo, earl grey tea, Christmas lights, and late night drives with no destination in mind.

My lovely greyhound, Bellsouth, is always by my side.

More often then not, you can find me in an airport. Even when I’m not physically, I’m always emotionally in an airport.



Right now, I'm the Senior Vice President of Design at project44. I lead our product design, brand, research, and design systems teams.


I was the the Vice President of Design for Hologram — your favorite global cellular IoT platform.

I also led design, brand, and research for Hologram's networking subsidiary, Magic.


I was a product designer and led user research for Flexport — helping companies of all sizes manage their supply chain and ship freight to and from just about anywhere.

I’ve worked as a product designer for ed-tech giant Quizlet, upstart cloud publishing company Inkling, and the big, green, note-taking elephant known as Evernote. I’ve also helped out at a number of small, usually YC-backed startups.


Earlier, I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, with a degree in Human-Computer Interaction and Decision Science.