Fixing the internet


Head of Design

Magic decentralizes access to the internet. Powered by carriers both big and small, Magic is a network of networks — covering the world with secure, fast, reliable connectivity.

Magic is a web3 supernetwork that combines wifi and cellular services seamlessly. Devices automatically negotiate access to the best performing network, with secure VPN tunneling built in. As the head of design for this product, I crafted experiences across web, iOS, Android, macOS and Windows for native client experiences.

Magic macOS menu bar applet

Our first beta tests for iOS focused on wifi-only access, with Hologram-backed cellular service to be added at a later date.

Magic's first iOS app

Here's a prototype of the app moving through the stages of searching and connecting to a node.

Magic iOS app icon

Beyond designing client app experiences, I also designed enterprise operations products to manage deployed nodes and networking infrastructure for our providers.

Magic Agent software controls nodes and access across a provider's fleet of gateways.

As the Head of Design for Hologram, I designed and developed the Magic brand alongside the Hologram product team and the lovely people at Bright Bright Great in Chicago.