Design homecoming


Product Designer

During my time at Quizlet, I designed and shipped our first in-classroom tool, Quizlet Live, as well as a new brand and design system.

Quizlet is a popular education technology platform for students and teachers. More than one-in-four US high school students use Quizlet daily. During my time I released our first in-classroom tool, Quizlet Live, as well as redesigned Quizlet's brand and visual language.

Quizlet's new visual identity and design system

As part of an 8-month design effort, I introduced a new visual design language for Quizlet — nicknamed Beyoncé — including a new visual design for responsive web, iOS, and Android platforms. Additionally, I helped introduce a new brand identity, design system, and new marketing site. The new design system and visual refresh touched everything from our content homepages to the educational tools students used on a daily basis.

Quizlet's new marketing site

Quizlet Live

I designed our first foray into in-classroom experiences, Quizlet Live. This new Quizlet experience launchedin the Spring of 2016 and is used by millions of students every year. Follow the #quizletlive hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to see how it's used in classrooms on a daily basis.

Built upon the foundation of our study set and rich library of content, Quizlet Live’s gameplay focused on a high-spirited, team-based competition that teaches both hard vocabulary skills and soft communication skills. For teachers, we focused on a low-friction, device-agnostic setup that helped teachers engage a class full of students while better understanding what material needs additional reinforcement.

I lead the design and research of Quizlet Live — with hundreds of hours spent in classrooms iterating and crafting the best live gameplay experience. The platform works well with a mix of devices, from mobile phones to Chromebooks, and everything in-between.

To help introduce teachers during the Beta period, I also filmed and edited a short instructional video from the Quizlet offices: